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SilverFox was born out of a dose of ingenuity, quite a bit of determination, and of course, a whole lot of style. The real story behind the brand began about 10 years ago when I started seeing quite a bit of gray…

I was about 30 years old and working hard to climb the corporate ladder when my hair starting turning gray, just as most guys were finally able to grow a real beard. My desk-job buddies and I thought it would be fun to create “trucker handles” for ourselves, and mine was easily chosen as “Silver Fox.”

Through the years, the nickname stuck. A buddy created a logo for me; I got the vanity plate; and everybody started calling me Silver Fox. Not only did I have the salt and pepper locks, I’ve always had an affinity for stylish gear.

After 17 years, I left my desk job to venture out and began wondering what I could do at 40 years old after being in Corporate America for so long. A bunch of “maybe somedays” became “why not nows.” My wife Nicole and I had always hoped to someday launch a clothing brand.  With the stars aligning, that time is now.

After much research, collaboration, and feedback from friends, I’m proud to introduce SilverFox. 

SilverFox is for the man who is refined, innovative, determined, stylish, and who sets the bar for everyone else.

SilverFox…because everybody knows one.


Ryan Rogers
SilverFox Founder